About Us

The mission of the Vicksburg Convention & Visitors Bureau is to encourage and promote tourism for the Vicksburg/Warren County area as well as to sell and market the attractions and experiences of Vicksburg as a premier destination for overnight visitation, generating sales and lodging taxes to the City and enhancing the vitality of the City by helping to sustain business and employment.


The Warren County Tourist Promotion Commission of Vicksburg, Mississippi, was established in 1973 by authority of Senate Bill 2322 of the 1973 Session of the MS Legislature with the purpose of encouraging and promoting tourism for the Vicksburg/Warren County area.  In 1987, the Warren County Tourist Promotion Commission became the Vicksburg/Warren Convention and Visitors Bureau – a change in name only.  The most recent amendment to the legislation is House Bill 1640 passed in the 2007 Session of the MS Legislature.  A copy is on file in the Bureau offices.

The State of MS Dept of Finance & Administration (Treasury) issues monthly payments to the Vicksburg Convention & Visitors Bureau from a 1% Food & Lodging Tax collections of the gross proceeds of sales or gross income of restaurants, hotels and motels located in Warren County.

The Bureau is Vicksburg’s liaison between potential visitors to the area and the businesses which will host them when they come.  It acts as a marketing organization, as an information clearing house and as a promotional agency for the City/County and its attractions.

The responsibility for the operation of the Bureau rests with a Board of Directors, consisting of eleven people appointed as directed by the current legislation.  The elected officers are Chairperson and Secretary.  The Board meets monthly.  The day-to-day operation of the Bureau is in the hands of the Executive Director, who is the permanent, full time, paid executive.  Anyone wishing to address the Board at a regular monthly meeting is allowed (10) minutes for presentations.


We have one of the industry's most skilled teams; with backgrounds ranging from tourism, casino and hotel sales, graphic design and convention and visitors bureaus, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience that is ready to serve you.

  • Bill Seratt, Executive Director
  • Judy Brown, Office Manager/Bookkeeper
  • Ashley Gatian, Sales Manager
  • Rick Martin, Visitor Services Manager
  • Laura Beth Strickland, Communications Manager
  • Ka'Trina Williams, Administrative Assistant
  • Pat Strange, Lead Travel Counselor
  • Debbie Blossoms, ,Travel Counselor
  • Brenda Harrison, Travel Counselor
  • Mary Hopkins, Travel Counselor
  • Dora Crayton, Travel Counselor
  • Mable Jennings, Travel Counselor
  • Vanessa Shiers, Travel Counselor
  • Malcolm Triplett, Travel Counselor