Our civil war history- visit vicksburg mississippi

Vicksburg is perhaps best known for the role that it played in the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln told his civilian and military leaders, “See what a lot of land these fellows hold, of which Vicksburg is the key! “ On July 4, 1863, the key was placed in Lincoln’s pocket with the surrender of Vicksburg ending a 47-day siege that was intended to starve the city into submission. The surrender of Vicksburg, together with the defeat of General Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg the day before, marked the turning point in America’s defining war.

The Civil War

In the early 1860s, one of the most well-known wars in which our nation has ever participated ravaged America – and it was a war fought amongst ourselves. The Union’s victory at the Siege of Vicksburg – along with their success at Gettysburg – is often referred to as the turning point of the American Civil War. Vicksburg’s key role in the war is still clearly visible today through several points of interest that attract history fanatics and casual tourists alike.

The Story Of The Siege

At the time of the Civil War, the Mississippi River served as an indispensable element of America’s economy. The rift between the northern and southern states led to the Confederacy restricting navigation on the lower Mississippi, which posed a significant threat to the economy of the North.

This threat was dealt with by a Union strategy known as the Anaconda Plan, which called for the defeat of the South by means of both land and water movements. Thanks to the city’s imperative location on the Mississippi River, Vicksburg became a focal point of the plan. Eventually, the Union laid siege against Vicksburg, until Confederate forces surrendered on July 4, 1863.

Immerse Yourself In History

Today, Vicksburg is home to a number of significant landmarks that reflect the city’s important past. Most of these landmarks are housed within the Vicksburg National Military Park. Currently, there are more than 1,400 beautifully constructed monuments, tablets and markers placed throughout the park to pay tribute to the valiant soldiers who fought in the American Civil War.

Additionally, for the past four decades, students from the Vicksburg area have performed as Union and Confederate soldiers in the Living History program that takes place at the park, which offers an in-depth look into a Civil War soldier’s everyday life.

Explore Vicksburg

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