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Beyond the Blues: Music to Enjoy in Vicksburg

Want to catch some live music in Vicksburg? There’s no shortage of that. As the birthplace of the Blues, the Mississippi Delta has always had a vibrant local music scene. But Blues isn’t the only genre to be heard around the city. Walking down Washington Street or Mulberry Street, all types of melodies and vocals can be heard reverberating through the walls of Vicksburg’s many venues. So no matter what your genre of choice is, you can find a gig or a concert to jam out to on any given night. If you’re not in the mood for Blues, maybe one of these other options will pique your interest. 

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Genres for Every Music Lover

Do you have a deep appreciation for classical music? Do you love rocking out to the sound of electric guitar? Vicksburg is home to musicians hailing from virtually every style of music. Since Mississippi is located in the Deep South, of course country music is always represented. But you also have your fair share of rock bands, pop artists, folk singer/songwriters and everything in-between. From the latest up-and-coming musicians and DJs to tribute bands playing your favorite 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s tracks, there’s a wide variety of live entertainment to choose from.

If for some reason you can’t find a certain style of music playing live, you can make your own. Local venues are always hosting karaoke nights and open mic sessions. So if you’re ready to belt it out, step on up, take center stage and show the room what you’ve got.

Where to Go

If you’re looking for a live music venue, there are plenty of options to choose from. Lots of restaurants, bars and night clubs have live entertainment on a regular basis. Why not sit down for dinner and enjoy a delicious meal while listening to awesome new music? It sounds like the perfect way to spend time with friends as well as meet new people. When you download the Vicksburg Visitors Guide, you can see a full list of locations to check out, from sports bars and rooftop grills to performing arts theatres. Contact the individual venues to see what tonight’s lineup looks like. 

Hoping to see a bigger show? There are several casinos in Vicksburg and they frequently bring big name bands and artists to town. Likewise, you might be able to find your favorites performing at venues in neighboring Jackson, MS, which is a little over 40 miles east of Vicksburg, or at the massive Brandon Amphitheater in Brandon, MS.

Finally, there are always fun events and festivals going on. For example, Vicksburgfest is an annual weekend-long celebration in Vicksburg where all types of musicians play live. Take a peek at the Events Calendar to see if there’s anything fun going on during your visit. Vicksburg Second Saturday is a free monthly event that features live music, performing arts, sidewalks sales, and special deals from local businesses.

Explore Vicksburg’s Music Scene

As you can see, Vicksburg is the perfect destination for any music lover. When you’re not following the Mississippi Blues Trail, you can rock out to your favorite artists from any genre. Need  more ideas of things to do in Vicksburg? Visit Vicksburg has you covered. Browse our list of suggested trips to discover all the best ways to experience the city.

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