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Get Ready for the Catfish Row Museum

From its pivotal role in the Civil War to the origins of America’s favorite soft drink, there’s no shortage of history in Vicksburg, MS. But history buffs will have another great reason to schedule a visit in the future with the opening of the Catfish Row Museum. Set to welcome the public in 2021, the museum will celebrate all the diversity that shaped the city’s rich heritage and distinctive culture. Ready to explore Vicksburg’s past? Here’s just a taste of what you can expect at the Catfish Row Museum.

New Museum, Fascinating History

When the Catfish Row Museum opens its doors, tourists and locals alike will have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Vicksburg. The museum and interpretive center aims to teach its visitors about the humble beginnings of the city, including its extensive ethnic diversity. Immersive exhibits will explain:

  • The establishment of Vicksburg within a plantation society
  • How the Mississippi River shaped the lives of Vicksburg settlers
  • The impact of African American experience in Vicksburg and throughout the Delta region
  • The profound influence of diverse ethnic groups and the contributions of Lebanese, Jewish, Chinese, Italian, Greek and African American individuals
  • The city’s unique music, art, food, literature and more

Local Contributions

One of the venue’s main purposes is to source artifacts from the local Vicksburg community for display. To do so, the museum is encouraging residents to take advantage of its technology to scan photos, letters, recipes and more. This interactive, collaborative approach offers a great way for visitors to contribute to the museum’s research and keep the focus on what makes Vicksburg so unique.

The museum will also record oral history interviews with notable citizens with a vast knowledge of their hometown. All of this historical information will be put on display in a designated exhibit, as well as at hands-on workshops, curatorial events and panel discussions. It’s a great way for Vicksburg residents to bring their heritage to life, as well as for visitors to get a full sense of all the city has to offer.

More to Enjoy

The museum will offer attractions that appeal to a wide range of interests – just like Vicksburg itself. The selection of engaging exhibits will feature visual and tactile items for an interactive experience, as well as information that makes connections to other area cultural heritage sites. Some of the exhibits at the Catfish Row Museum will include:

  • A display and live programming on the transformation of the Monte Carlo building
  • Programming focused on the Vicksburg National Military Park for beginners and military history enthusiasts
  • A history of blues music
  • A partnership with the local farmers’ market to emphasize healthy cooking
  • And more…

Guests can also grab a bite in the on-site restaurant, enjoy the sights at the observation deck or take in a performance at the museum’s live music venue. Overall, the Catfish Row Museum aims to provide an engaging, modern place for visitors and Vicksburg residents to come together and share the city’s traditions and history.

Another Reason to Visit Vicksburg

Considered one of the most unique cities in Mississippi and biggest tourist attractions in the state, Vicksburg’s diverse history offers something for visitors across the country and around the world. Learn more about Vicksburg’s museums and other things to do, and contact Visit Vicksburg today for help planning your trip.

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