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Haunted Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Mississippi

Exploring Mississippi has so much to offer, from delicious Southern eateries to impressive historical landmarks. When the sun goes down and it comes time to rejuvenate for another day, what better way to spend the night than in one of the most haunted hotels in the state? If you’re brave enough, a night spent in any of these spooky hotels and bed and breakfasts is sure to be a memorable one.

Anchuca Historic Mansion and Inn – Vicksburg

Originally built in 1830, the Anchuca Historic Mansion and Inn is the first historical bed and breakfast in Vicksburg, MS known for its mouthwatering chef specials and ghostly apparitions. One of the plantation’s first owners, Richard Archer, raised his five daughters in the house, one of which is known to still roam the halls. Legend says that Archer forbade his daughter from marrying the love of her life, so her spiteful spirit continues to live on.

Generals’ Quarters Bed and Breakfast Inn – Corinth 

Stay for the night in the cozy Generals’ Quarters Bed and Breakfast Inn, and maybe you’ll have the chance to experience the disembodied footsteps, flickering lights and ghostly voices that previous guests have reported. This beautifully restored Victorian B&B was said to house a servant who died after falling down a flight of stairs and whose spirit can be heard climbing back up during the night.

Annabelle Bed and Breakfast – Vicksburg 

Now a Victorian-style B&B, the Annabelle Bed and Breakfast served as a residence for confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Spend the night and be greeted by the spirit of a soldier wearing his uniform as he wanders from room to room.

Linden Bed and Breakfast – Natchez 

The Linden Bed and Breakfast has a history dating back to the 1700s, making it your ideal destination for a haunted stay. The phantom of a horse-drawn carriage has been seen arriving at the front entrance, as well as the apparitions of a man and woman roaming the grounds. While the man has been spotted in the bedrooms, guests have seen the spirit of the woman jumping off the roof and disappearing into thin air.

The Duff Green Mansion – Vicksburg 

From private residence to soldiers’ hospital to bed and breakfast, the Duff Green Mansion has housed many souls and has seen many deaths. Overnight guests may just witness apparitions of bloodstained floors along with the mansion’s rich history dating back to 1856. Don’t be too afraid when you hear the voices and footsteps of Confederate soldiers during the night or the apparition of Little Annie Green who died at the age of six.

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