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James Riely Gordon: His Architectural Legacy in Vicksburg

Architecture can have a greater impact on our experiences than we may realize. Not only does a well-designed building capture the eye, but it also captivates the mind. This is especially true when it comes to the work of James Riely Gordon, a well-known architect revered for his work during the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Aside from designing Vicksburg City Hall, his buildings have inspired countless tourists in cities all across the country. Visit Vicksburg takes a closer look at Gordon’s legacy and how his influence has helped to shape our city.

The Legacy of James Riely Gordon

Born in 1863, James Riely Gordon leaves a legacy as one of the nation’s most prestigious architects. He designed beautiful buildings in the state of Texas, New York City, and various other areas across the country, mainly utilizing Richardsonian Romanesque designs and later transitioning to more of a Renaissance Revival style. He is most famous for his courthouses, which can be found throughout the South.

Over the length of his career, Gordon also made more than 6,500 drawings, many of which were incorporated into buildings that are still in existence. Through watercolor outlines and basic sketches, his genius was able to transcend many of the architectural trends, allowing each of his buildings to inspire both awe and pride. He is revered by modern architects and admirers of his work to this day, as he was inducted as a member of the American Institute of Architects in 1930.

His Impact on Vicksburg

As James Riely Gordon made his way around the country, he placed a bid for the right to design the Mississippi State Capitol. Unfortunately for Gordon, he lost the bid, but he was able to leave his influence on Mississippi as a whole with several fascinating designs. One of those was Vicksburg City Hall, which was built in 1894 and neighbors the Mississippi River Commission building. Its iconic design was based on the glorious, traditional Southern style and yet offers a robust and monumental flair.

And there’s a reason this building is still standing and functional today – Vicksburg City Hall was constructed with expertise that ensured it would last for years to come. With curving rows of columns, its front features a flat face on each side and a dome at the top. Plus, its light, neutral coloring is contrasted nicely by bright white columns that help preserve the history of the design. The result is a Beaux-Arts style of architecture that leaves a lasting impression on residents and visitors alike.

Aside from this Southern staple right here in Vicksburg, Gordon is also responsible for designing the Copiah County Courthouse in Hazlehurst, as well as the Wilkinson County Courthouse in Woodville. Combining his aesthetic creativity with structurally sound designs, Gordon’s popularity remains alive and well throughout Mississippi – even decades after his passing.

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