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McRaven House: Vicksburg’s Most Haunted Mansion

With the city’s long history of war and brutality, it’s no surprise that the most haunted house in Mississippi is located right here in Vicksburg. Now known as the McRaven House, the building is located at 1445 Harrison Street, Vicksburg, MS. It was built circa 1797, and many people have since called it home. But today, the only residents are the ghostly apparitions who still linger there.

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The Legend of the McRaven House

The haunted history of McRaven House began in 1797, when the first portion of the house was built by Highwayman Andrew Glass. Mr. Glass would rob people who were traveling the Natchez Trace, then return to McRaven House with his loot to hide out. The haunting of the house began with his surprising death.

The haunting continued with the Howards. Sheriff Stephen Howard purchased the home in 1836 for himself and his pregnant wife. But in August of that same year, his wife, Mary Elizabeth, died giving birth in the home’s middle bedroom. She was only 15 years old.

Many of Mary Elizabeth’s personal belongings are still at McRaven House to this day, including her wedding shawl. Visitors have reported strange activity and have even seen her apparition appear in various rooms of the house. She’s also been known to play a few pranks on the living.

Home to Wounded Soldiers  

Later, the house was sold to John H. Bobb, who turned the McRaven House into a Confederate field hospital during the Civil War. Because it was located so close to the battles raging throughout the city, the home endured cannon blasts and served as a shelter for fallen soldiers. But in 1864, Bobb was fatally shot just 100 yards away from the home by a group of angry Union troops.

Later Years

After Bobb’s death, William Murray and his family moved in, where four of them would eventually die inside the home. Until 1960, two remaining Murray daughters, Ella and Annie, owned McRaven House. They let the house become overgrown and dilapidated.  But the spirits of William Murray and the two sisters still hold onto the house and are often spotted haunting the grounds. Today, McRaven House is owned by Dr. and Mrs. Reed, who purchased the house in 2015 and reopened it to the public.

Ready for a Scare?

Since then, the property deed has been passed between several different owners who restored the home over time. Today, visitors can step back in time and experience real ghost sightings before their very eyes during hour-long ghost tours at McRaven House.

There are also special Halloween tours and a gift shop. Just remember to keep an eye out for anything otherworldly while you’re there.

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