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Take in a Show: Vicksburg’s ‘Gold in the Hills’

Did you know that you can see the longest continually-running show ever here in Vicksburg? It’s true. The play is called “Gold in the Hills” and it’s presented by the Vicksburg Theatre Guild every year. What first began as a classic good vs. evil story in 1936 has now become one of the city’s most beloved traditions. Every summer when the show is put on, audiences take to the theater to enjoy the fun old songs and likable characters. If you ever find yourself in Vicksburg in July, a trip to the box office is one you won’t soon forget.

About the Play

“Gold in the Hills” is a show that theater-goers of all ages can enjoy. It opens on an old 1890s-era farmstead, where we meet our hero of the story, farm girl Nell Stanley, and our hero, son of the soil John Dalton. Later, the play moves into a bowery dance hall in the wicked city where trouble ensues. An evil villain, who happens to be a murderer, kidnapper and thief, plots against Nell. As one bad thing happens after another, audience members are on the edge of their seats waiting to see if good will triumph over evil. Between the fun cast of characters dressed in period costumes and the red-lipped can-can dancers leading the way, “Gold in the Hills” tells an immersive story that keeps people coming back year after year.

The Play’s History

The show was originally written in 1930 by J. Frank Davis, but it wasn’t until March 28, 1936 that it was first performed. The first time the actors took the stage was actually on a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers barge, which had been transformed to resemble a riverboat. Later, it was moved to the Sprague, the most powerful sternwheel towboat ever launched. The Sprague served as a floating theater and river-related museum until it burned in 1974. But, as they always say, the show must go on. Since then, “Gold in the Hills” has continued every single year without missing a beat.

Now, it’s over 80 years in the running, a feat which has garnered the show recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records.  It’s also earned a permanent place along Vicksburg’s historic waterfront with its very own floodwall mural. These murals depict the city’s history, from the first Coca-Cola bottling in America to the turning point in the Civil War. “Gold in the Hills” will forever have its place in Vicksburg’s heart.

To see the mural, go to the Yazoo Diversion Canal in the heart of downtown Vicksburg. The easiest ways to get to the floodwall are to take Clay Street or Levee Street. To see the play, stay up-to-date with our Events Calendar or check up with the Vicksburg Theatre Guild at the start of the season.

The Key to Entertainment

Are you a theater buff or always looking for fun shows, concerts and events to attend? Check out the Visit Vicksburg Key to Entertainment Trip. This itinerary offers numerous suggestions for things you might like to do while visiting the city. Whether you catch a performance of the legendary “Gold in the Hills” show or not, you’re bound to have a good time here in Vicksburg, MS. See more suggested trips online today to start planning your weekend.

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