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The Old Depot Museum: Must-See for Train and Model Enthusiasts

The city of Vicksburg owes a lot of its development to the modes of transportation available at the time it was forming. The Old Depot Museum honors that history by laying out the routes of railroads, battlefields, and historic buildings from the area – all in miniature. This creative way to showcase history makes this a must-see museum for learning about trains, automobiles, and boats. The variety of exhibits will capture your whole family’s attention for an afternoon of learning and fun.

The Fall of Dixie Diorama

One of the most significant battles in the Civil War that helped turn the tide in favor of the Union was the Siege of Vicksburg. While you can visit the actual site of the battle at the Vicksburg National Military Park, the 250-square foot miniature layout allows you to get a comprehensive view of the terrain. This provides a better understanding of each side’s military strategies and how they used the land to their advantage. The Old Depot Museum uses over 2,000 miniature soldiers to accurately capture the 47-day battle. Above the diorama is The Vanishing Glory, a 30-minute film presentation that details the battle using first-person sources from the people involved.

Boats and Ships

Located on the Mississippi River, Vicksburg owes much of its growth to the massive body of water. This has created a thriving boat culture that was also represented in the Siege of Vicksburg, with battleships taking the fight to the water as well. Some of the collections of boat models on display include:

  • War on the Mississippi: The Old Depot Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Civil War gunboats. This collection features ships that fought on the Mississippi River during the war.
  • They Also Fought: Not just battleships were involved in the war efforts. Vessels such as submarines, ironclads, hospital ships, and others are grouped in this collection of boats that also participated in the Civil War.
  • The Mississippians: All of the boats in this collection are named after something relating to Mississippi, whether it be locations or people from the state.
  • Life on the River: Not all ships on the Mississippi River were meant for war. These boats were used by civilians to help make daily life easier, such as paddle wheelers and towboats.

Vicksburg Architecture

Many of the historical buildings located in and around Vicksburg are memorialized inside the museum with their models. These miniatures seek to capture the different types of architecture that are represented around the city, including the Old Yazoo and Mississippi Railroad Depot, the Windsor Ruins, and the Anchuca Mansion. In addition to these buildings, there are also scale layouts of the N, O, and HO railroads that wrap around notable landmarks in town.    

Gain a New Perspective

Take in Vicksburg’s geography and history in one convenient location thanks to the Old Depot Museum. The many exhibits cover a wide range of topics in a manner that will interest guests of all ages. After you’re finished looking at all the miniature ships, people, and trains at the museum visit the real thing at the Vicksburg National Military Park or the USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum. If you have any questions about attractions in the city, feel free to contact us at Visit Vicksburg.

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