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tune in to those mississippi delta blues

American music as we know it today would not be the same without the Mississippi Delta. It was here, during the early twentieth century, that blues first originated. The soulful, smoky sounds took root and spread like wildfire around Mississippi and into Nashville, Chicago and beyond. Today, music lovers can experience where it all began by following the Mississippi
Blues Trail
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The Birthplace of American Music

Early blues got its start from African Americans, who used
the call-and-response style to sing about their hardships and spiritual beliefs
in a post-slavery South. The style gained traction among musicians and it
wasn’t long before the sounds were heard coming from music halls, cafes and
night clubs all along the Mississippi River.  These popular, distinctive blues sounds were the spark that helped
develop other genres of music, including rock ‘n roll, soul, jazz and country.

Home of the World’s Most Famous Blues Artists

While following the Mississippi Blues Trail, visitors learn about how some of the world’s most famous blues stars came to be. B.B. King himself was born and raised here in the Delta, going on to make hits like The Thrill is Gone, 3 o’clock Blues and more. Other artists who got their start here include the McCoy Brothers, Ike Turner and Muddy Waters, to name just a few. Of course, we can’t forget about Vicksburg native, Willie Dixon, the “poet laureate of the blues.”

As you continue to follow the Blues Trail along the
Mississippi River, you’ll come across the homes of these artists and the venues
in which they played. One such place is called the Blue Room, located at 602 Clay
St. in Vicksburg, where greats such as Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong and Dinah
Washington played. You can also explore the museums that were erected to
preserve the history of Mississippi Delta Blues and even stop for live blues
entertainment and food at cities you find along the way. 

Find Other Things to Do on the Mississippi River

After immersing yourself in the history and culture of blues music, check out some other local attractions. Vicksburg, MS is home to many museums and historical monuments just waiting to be explored. Start planning
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