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Vicksburg on Foot: Stepping Out in the Key to the South

One of the best ways to explore the charming, historic town of Vicksburg, Mississippi, is on foot. When walking through a city, you’ll always find there’s much more to discover than just by driving through. Vicksburg offers a number of walking tours—both guided or not—and trails to experience the city in a new way. Whether you’re looking for a historic tour, a haunted tour, or you just want to get out in the fresh air, there are an abundance of tour options.

Vicksburg Heritage Walking Trails

The Vicksburg Heritage Walking Trails are self-guided walking tours that allow visitors (and residents) to immerse themselves in the history of the city. Choose from five different routes featuring 35 markers placed throughout the downtown and historic districts. The three-mile Heritage Route is the most popular and acts as a base or branching off point for the other four tours. It guides you through early Vicksburg’s history, heritage, and the Civil War. Another option is the Captain Speeds Route, a two-mile walk through Vicksburg’s first neighborhood.

Haunted Vicksburg Ghost Tour

If you’re looking for history with a side of spooky, sign up for a Haunted Vicksburg Ghost Tour. You’ll be entertained on a twelve-block stroll through Vicksburg’s oldest and most haunted neighborhood with stories of The Trail of Tears, antebellum duels, yellow fever epidemics, and the 47-day siege of Vicksburg. All those events have left behind some unfinished business and restless spirits in Vicksburg. The tour lasts roughly 90 minutes and takes you past historic homes, gardens, churches, and more.

Vicksburg Old Town Tours

Vicksburg Old Town Tours lead guided tours of Vicksburg, many that can be designed to you or your group’s specific interests. The Antebellum Experience focuses on Vicksburg’s oldest neighborhood and the beautiful structures you’ll find there. Your first stop will be the Christ Episcopal Church, built in the mid-1800s, and from there you’ll see several antebellum homes before ending your tour with a walkthrough of an antebellum mansion. In addition to customizable group tours, Old Town Tours also offers an all-inclusive three-night, four-day bus tour of Vicksburg with visits to museums, restaurants, and historical sites. 

Vicksburg National Military Park Trails

The Vicksburg National Military Park offers a vast expanse of walking trails that tell the history of the Siege of Vicksburg and the battles fought there. The 16-mile pedestrian Tour Road allows visitors to create walking loops ranging in length from three miles to the full 16 miles. In addition to the paved Tour Road, the park also offers wilderness hiking. The Al Scheller Hiking Trail is a primitive 12.5-mile footpath through the interior section of the park. It was originally established in 1979-1980, for the purpose of training Boy Scouts in the use of compasses and orienteering methods. Today, it gives hikers an idea of the difficult terrain faced by the soldiers during the Siege of Vicksburg.

Experience Vicksburg Up Close

Get out and about in Vicksburg on foot and enjoy the added benefit of getting some serious steps in while exploring a charming, historic city with so many stories to tell. Document the wonders of your walking tour by posting your favorite sights to Instagram and using the hashtag #VisitVicksburg #VicksburgMoments and #VisitMSResponsibly.

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