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Vicksburg Weather: When’s the Best Time to Visit?

Thinking of making your way to Vicksburg to discover all that the city has to offer? You’ll have no trouble filling the time with exciting events and attractions, no matter when you visit. But if you’re concerned about the weather, never fear – we’ll explore a few of the best times for planning your trip down South.

For Pleasant Weather and Low Precipitation 

Aiming for a trip defined by warm, yet comfortable, temperatures, and a low likelihood of rain? Consider planning your adventure in October, when the cooler weather of winter is approaching, yet still distant enough to ensure a pleasurable environment for visitors of all ages. Throughout October, Vicksburg’s average high temperature usually hovers around the 80°F mark – considerably less than the often-warmer temperatures our region experiences in the summertime – and precipitation levels tend to be lower than the surrounding months. Plus, a wide selection of exciting events, from live music and theatre to a bi-annual air show held at the Southern Heritage Air Foundation, makes the month exceptionally exciting for residents and travelers alike.

For Summer Sun with a Chance of Refreshing Rain

For those who love nothing more than bright sunshine and warmer temperatures, there’s nothing quite like a Vicksburg summer. If you’re yearning to soak up the rays and bask in the heat, try planning a trip in late May. Temperatures tend to rise into the mid 80s, remaining hot, yet largely pleasant, and an increased chance of precipitation means you’re that much more likely to enjoy a refreshing sprinkle to help your group cool down. Even if you get caught in heavier rain, you can simply slip into a restaurant in Vicksburg’s historic downtown district to enjoy a tasty bite to eat until the clouds pass.

For Cool Temperatures and a Breeze

If you’d prefer to avoid the more intense heat of Mississippi’s warmer months at all costs, set your sights on Vicksburg in February. On average, daytime temperatures climb into the mid 60s, and a light breeze is not uncommon. Additionally, February’s average precipitation levels are generally less than Vicksburg’s other cool months, making it that much easier to comfortably stroll from one museum to the next as you delve into the city’s rich history.

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