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Why Stay in a Vicksburg Bed and Breakfast

There are plenty of options to choose between when deciding where to stay on your next trip. Vicksburg offers the unique opportunity to stay in one of their many historic bed and breakfasts located in the heart of the city. These cozy dwellings allow you to experience true Southern hospitality while enjoying the convenience of modern amenities. Learn more about Vicksburg’s bed and breakfasts and how you can enhance your trip by staying in one with the help from Visit Vicksburg.

Vicksburg Bed and Breakfast

1. Historical Significance

The bed and breakfasts in Vicksburg are all converted from mansions built in the mid-19th century, giving each one its own lengthy history. One of the oldest residences among this group is Steele Cottage, which was built in 1829. No matter where you stay, every bed and breakfast will have a story to tell, whether you are hearing how a cannonball became lodged in the parlor wall of Cedar Grove Mansion that is still there today, or learning about what led Anchuca Historical Mansion to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

With the long and rich history surrounding each bed and breakfast, there have also been some incidents involving the supernatural. Guests of McNutt House have reported seeing Maggie, the benevolent ghost of a little girl who enjoys playing in the courtyard. Additionally, the ghost of a Confederate soldier has been spotted hanging out in the former operating room of Duff Green Mansion. From the architecture to the interior furnishing, you will be able to get a dose of what life was like in the 1800s during your stay at a Vicksburg bed and breakfast.

2. Elegant Dining

Given that breakfast is in the title, food serves as an integral part of operating a bed and breakfast. Depending on which location you choose, dining is not limited to just the first meal of the day. The Annabelle Bed and Breakfast offers delicious, lacy oatmeal cookies that are served to guests upon check-in and every afternoon. Baer House has a full breakfast in their ballroom every morning, while also hosting a social hour most evenings complete with wine and snacks.  If you’d rather keep to yourself, the Corners Mansion Inn serves breakfast in your room with special diet meals available on request.

3. Proximity to Other Attractions

While there is plenty to learn and see at each bed and breakfast, you’ll probably want to explore what the city of Vicksburg has to offer. Fortunately, most of these mansions are located right near Vicksburg’s historic downtown district, which provides you with easy access to various restaurants, museums, and shopping in the area. For example, the Bazsinsky House is located directly across the street from the Old Court House Museum, which was once the Warren County courthouse and now hosts several exhibits on the town’s history.

Book Your Stay

For travelers looking to experience comfort and elegance while paying tribute to the past, staying at a bed and breakfast in Vicksburg is essential. To learn more about making a reservation at one of these locations or about the city in general, contact Visit Vicksburg with your questions. If bed and breakfasts are not your style, then check out the various cabins and lodges or hotels in the area to find the right residence for you.

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